Which is worse, bulldozing a graveyard, or building a cultural center?

News or Absurdity; quick, which is it?

Item One: Authorities in Jerusalem bulldozed an Arabic graveyard to make way for a Museum of Tolerance.

Item Two: There is national consternation in the USA that a New York City muslim group wants to build a mosque and cultural center two blocks from ground zero, which some are calling sacred ground.

Item Three: Six hundred retired NFL football players are suing a video game outfit because their football game players resemble them.

Item Four: Nick Merrill, and New York city ISP operator finally broke his silence after being “gagged” by an FBI gag order since 2005. In 2005 he was served with a “National Security Letter” which required him to provide FBI agents with the searches and data on his subscribers, yet with no warrant from a judge provided. What is wrong with that? you say.

It is a violation of the first, fourth and fifth amendments of the Bill of Rights, I say.

The constitution and the Bill of Right is on this site. Can you state, not with names but in simple constitutional language what rights of Nick Merrill were violated? (This is described as the practice of citizenship; and practice makes pretty good.)

I have not been able to comment on the above absurdity…… which is actual news, for the last two days. I cannot find a clown suit loud enough, or a mouth pucker round enough. Please comment and help me out of my dumbfound.


A subtext to this entire site is that for a constitutional country whose document begins with We the People, the People (you) must know the law. It is my lament that The King was replaced by The People, and the People have deferred to the Lawyers. You can state your rights to anyone: lawyer, policeman or judge, and that person must obey. The constitution has replaced the king with You, citizen. The President presides over the Congress (which means ‘to walk upright together’) He presides, he is not king. He took an Oath to preserve and protect the constitution. Only if he forsakes his oath and congress does not obey the ‘king clause’ (Article I, section 8, clause 11) is he then king. I ask: where are we, relative to the king, when the president has assassination powers anywhere on the globe with drones, jackals, and a black budget?

We now have a President who is also a Constitutional scholar. Can we as a People hold him to his scholarship?

2 responses to “Which is worse, bulldozing a graveyard, or building a cultural center?

  1. We are Rome in new clothes. “The People” never meant women,children, poor,black or landless. That’s why we have Amendments…kind of. We are the oppressors and have become very good at devious deception upon our own populus and most of us love the lie. Only revolution will ‘hold’ him to anything. Sorry I can’t help you. Peace


    • The comparison with Rome is apt. During the republic, Rome grew. During the empire, Rome teetered, and fell. What unites the gravitaional force upon Rome the empire and the current US of A is the lack of effectively progressive taxation. Progressive taxation is where the people who receive the most from society pay the most in taxes. When that fails a plutocracy arises and equal justice is no longer available.

      And you are correct as well about the amendments, namely the amendment VX. The 15th amendment was ratified in 1870 giving the vote to men of all races. And in 1920 amendment XIX, the 19th, granted the vote to all women. It will celebrate it’s 80th anniversary next Wednesday, August 18th.

      The “we” that “love the lie” and assent to our government to be the oppressors is the very reason for this website, because I and most of my friends do not love the lie, but rather, not to be cute, love life and justice. I feel we must know and honor the constitution to make that real. Currently, we are honoring it “in the breach”. Which is to say not honoring it at all. You inspire me to post “The Redact” which is a work in progress, but a copy of the constitution with the unobserved sections in red.

      It would be a revolution if Americans began to act as citizens and not consumers. The first step to begin to honor the word.

      Thanks Susan, for your thoughtful comment.


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