Health Care Law: Supreme Court Decision Looming

Wowee. Lotta comments on a No Story story. Here is the deal. If the 9 justices read the 10th amendment they will all vote: no go. But wait. Even if we did vote in single payer in a magic moment we would still have a fortune producing/extracting sickness care system that would leave our greying baby boomers strung out on meds and plumbing projects till dead. Dean Baker points out that we could save $270 Billion a Year by removing patent premiums from Big Pharma. That is a billion dollar saving for every working day of the week. That would still leave $30 billion for the real costs, less than a billion a week.

If you live in a small state that means your education budget is covered in one weeks worth of savings. With 51 more weeks of similar savings to go.

Seems to me that a lotta folks are getting their attention jerked like yo-yos. Keep your eyes on the prize.
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

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