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The Constitution of the Supreme Court

Mt Rainier

Mt Rainier

The Supreme Court enacts the US Constitution.

It sees that the statutes made in state legislature, and the federal congress comport with
the Constitution of the Unites States.

Lawyers very rarely refer to the constitution… they make their living contesting statutes.

There are 11 federal circuit courts, appeals courts that funnel law suits to the Supreme court

So the Supreme Court represents the American People in making the laws in the United States
to be consistent, and not to conflict with the US Constitution.

So let us look at the composition of the Supreme Court, and it’s new nominee to see what is the constitution of the court the adjudicates the constitution.
Number of Members: 9

Number of men: 6
Number of birthplaces: 5 Alito and Scalia are from Trenton, New Jersey
Number of women: 3
Number of birthplaces of the women-   1:  New York City
Number of colleges represented-            2 :Yale and Harvard
Number of religions represented-          2 :Catholic and Jewish

Military Experience: 1 year, Army Nat’l Guard of CA, _ Kennedy.

My view is that all justices rightfully have had mountains of legal experience and  yet regretfully almost no experience with the elements, with elected life or with a perspective Other than legal.  My view is that common sense is the arbiter of what fleshes out the constitution, not stare decisis, the latin term not found in the constitution  which seeks that the mass of law matches the mass of previous law which thus suborns the Constitution…. and does not respect it as Supreme Law of the Land.   This is Chief Justice Roberts position, and as far as I can read by Elena Kagan’s testimony, hers as well.