The Mission of Your Constitution.

We are living in a time of Tremendous Change and what will result will be different than what we have now.  That refers to our person and our relations.  There is a real chance our economy, our press and our government will transform, and as a result we may have a different relationship with our envirnoment.   How we change, of course, will bear upon how we transform our press (how we communicate), our government (Of for and by the People… or is it the Corporations?), and our work relations, which structures our economy, creates our money and is written on our environment.

For Years I have worked on “The Knot” the interweaving of these problems, of which we are all familiar,  be it the environmental degradation some of us have been fighting, the financial crisis, our perpetual warring, the extortionary health-insurance system, schools, obesity, overseas oppression and you might name your own end of the rope, by which we find that we are hanging ourselves.    Humbly, yet hopefully, I believe I have figured a way out.   It is indeed hopeful and pleasant.   Yet we cannot bleap over to some new vision, as if by magic.   We must put some of the most prominent alligators to rest.   So I shall use the news of the day to offer ways to guide our lives to indeed a pleasant and peaceful future.     But it will be not all sweetness and peace.   Needless to say, I was not surprised to find us in the perilous thrall of the knot described above as we experience the fallout of the financial crisis of 2008.  Indeed I have seen it building for decades, war upon war, take-over by take-over, and finally, I believe, two years ago, I finally grasped the location of the fulcrum of our demise.   Oh how I wish that fulcrum were one thing, but it, regretfully, is not that simple.   It has three points, and I hope you will pursue in to action the insights unearthed in this blog of current events to see them naturally emerge into view in such a way that we shall be empowered and with an authentic vision of a bright future.

We shall look at the knot from various points of view.  From the point of view of bodily health, for we must be strong to endure and indeed catalyze these changes.  From the point of view of the mind, and our digestion of what was sold to us as the “information age” and turned out to be the “data age”, for clear thinking, far different for what  currently passes as civic discourse, is a requirement for navigating our future.  For we must come to understand some of how we fool ourselves, personally, and collectively.   We will come to understand our position of power with respect to the law, and learn the strong points of the supreme Law of the Land, the US Constitution.  We will grasp what is currently so central and mysterious, we shall come to understand the creation of money, and how that empowers its creator.   And finally, we shall together invent the solution to the current cancellation of our democracy by money controlling our elections as well as the lack of money blinding our press from the illumined perspective necessary for us to see the landscape and move gracefully on.

But Hey,   It will be more fun that reading a praecipe.  I hope to do it through poetry, humor, art, rants and play, albeit mixed in with my own mixture of venom, vituperation and occasional pedantic cussedness.   This will not be real without You.

For I do not have the answer, but only a good hint as to where it might be found.   I need your input to make this venture real.

One response to “Mission

  1. Hello, David. I have been surfing around “your constitution” for an hour or so to see what you are about and I have a tiny bit of a feel for you and imagine we see things in compatible ways, though my way is one that uses words perhaps differently, though no less personally . . .

    It fell to me

    It fell to me.
    I don’t know why.
    How can we know these things?
    It fell to me to dismantle,
    to take down the fortifications,
    to take apart myself
    not so to destroy
    but to try to understand,
    to hope to know
    the inner workings
    of a single human heart
    and go from there—
    to Auschwitz,
    for example,
    as an end point
    of all that brought us there
    or as a new beginning for me,
    my own very private mirror
    that shows a heart quite able
    to morph such an image
    of unspeakable acts
    reflected there
    never, never to be done again
    into others of their kind
    that go unnoticed, unseen,
    unrecognized as such
    until their carnage has been done
    and then we say once more,
    “Never again! Never again!”,
    to ourselves and go on—
    to drones over Pakistan
    for example, run by little boys
    with joy sticks and video cams
    from half a universe away
    and think, no doubt,
    if they think at all
    of what they do,
    of what we ask them to do
    in our name and with our money,
    think, no doubt, that they are fighting evil.
    A silly comparison, you say—
    Auschwitz and drones.
    What have you learned
    in all your dismantling
    if this is where you end—
    with drones and joy sticks?
    And where would you suggest I look, dear listener,
    that I might understand more clearly
    what I am complicit in—
    East Oakland, perhaps?
    Where, dear listener, would you look?
    Where would you look?
    Bill Denham © 6/6/09

    But the laughter is important, too.

    Going for the gold

    It’s harder, now,
    in one way,
    to keep my balance
    through these late rounds.
    For though I have avoided a knock-out punch—
    a quick, unseen upper-cut to my unprotected chin—
    the constant body blows begin to take their toll on me
    and I stagger just a little bit more each time one lands, full force.
    Now, you must understand, dear listener, I am no more a quitter
    than Ty’Sheoma Bethea1 is but I do have some years on her
    and years do cut two ways, the midriff muscles tighten
    just a little less as the mind grows sharper,
    the feet move just a little slower
    as the heart grows more open
    and then there is often now
    that shortness of breath
    that wasn’t there before
    yet the spirit strikes,
    lightening-like, now,
    at the very core
    of what
    is true.

    So bring ‘em on,
    these last rounds.
    I ain’t goin’ for no
    split decision here.
    I’m goin’ for the gold!

    BD 3/13/09

    1. The young middle school student who wrote to President Obama, admiring his perseverance and telling him that she, too, is no quitter.

    More recently . . .

    The heavens above

    Were the gods to take
    all the moments of our lives
    and scatter them across the heavens
    like stars, for all to see,
    could we bear the beauty
    and the majesty and the mystery
    of our ordinary being, made visible so?
    Could we?
    And could we then approach
    holding the invisible, as, also, a part of ourselves,
    the insatiable black holes that devour
    the very light of our lives,
    suck it down
    out of sight?
    Could we?

    BD 6/24/12
    Anyway, consider my words an offering, a sharing, in return, a way of my saying, “I hear you, David.”


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